Power Harrow

The power harrow is the real workhorse for trail maintenance and trail finishing during construction. The harrow (sometimes called a rotary harrow) works the soil horizontally. Professional market gardeners, farmers, and landscapers in Europe have been using these machines for many years, in large part for their ability to do heavy grading and leveling work easily while providing an excellent finish.

The harrow excels at minimally invasive, fast, and easy critical (downhill) edge restoration. Typically cupping can be removed in a single pass.

Multiple sets of tines rotate on vertical axles for total horizontal tillage of the soil – NO inversion of soil layers and NO vertical compression leading to hardpan formation. The stirring action does not over-pulverize the soil; the soil stays in better shape and can be with an excellent retained soil structure it can be successfully re-compacted into the trail tread as appropriate. The roller in the rear adjusts incrementally up & down for perfect depth adjustments ranging from 0” to 5.5” working depth.

In addition to a quick-attach coupling, the harrow has an oscillating swivel-joint allowing the harrow to float independently of the tractor axle. This feature makes these tools coveted by the landscaping industry for leveling out lumpy terrain and most often works to your advantage in trail work. The joint can be fixed in a position with a large set screw if necessary.

While there are several brands of harrow available on the European market, DMS offers the R2 Rinaldi brand because we feel that it is the highest-quality and best-handling harrow available, and is able to withstand the rigors of trail construction and maintenance.

The harrow is durable enough to be used to break up and dislodge rocks from the trail tread during construction or maintenance.