Trail Tractors

Trail construction and maintenance is a tough gig. The work is very often done by employees of government agencies who are extremely budget constrained. Oftentimes the employees are seasonal and do not have the benefit of hundreds or thousands of hours of experience, they are expected to get a few hours and training and run. It gets worse, much of the trail work not done by government employees is done by volunteers. These volunteers often have access to equipment owned by a local trail organization, typically a non-profit. The budgets these non-profits operate with are far smaller than the trail budgets of the government entities and far too small for the role they are trying to fill.

Whether government or non-profit, the solution is age-old: work smarter.

The Deadman Sturgis Trail Tractors solve the issue of limited manpower and small budgets by creatively re-purposing small agricultural equipment with strategic modifications for the task at hand. These machines are high production, benefiting from a global economy of scale. They are designed for continuous duty in small agricultural settings and with our modifications are capable of the same sustained heavy use for single-track trail construction and maintenance.

Our Trail Tractors also eliminate many of the safety and training challenges facing managers of a seasonal employee or volunteer program. Being a walk-behind tractor makes operation inherently easier. Most first-timers are operating with efficiency with as little as an hour of training.

About the tractor: G110T

The attachments:
Power Harrow
Flail Mower
Rotary Plow